26 "Wireless Solutions" Solutions

Arm Cordio-B50
The Arm Cordio-B50 is a Bluetooth 5 modem, protocol processing logic and link layer controller delivered as soft IP, with power intent and implementation IP, associated testbenches and link layer firmware. Cordio-B50 supports changes enabled by the Bluetooth 5 radio including the 2 Mbps mode, Long range, and advertising extensions.

Arm Cordio-B50 radio IP
The Arm Cordio-B50 radio IP is a complete self-contained radio subsystem supporting Bluetooth 5 protocol available at TSMC 55nm LP/ULP, TSMC 40nm LP/ULP and UMC 55nm ULP process nodes. The solution consists of the RF 2.4GHz transceiver, modem, protocol processing logic and link controller along with link layer firmware.

Arm Cordio-B50 stack
The Arm Cordio stack is designed specifically for Bluetooth low energy single-mode products catering to the power sensitive Internet of Things (IoT) market. With its small code size, easy-to-use APIs, and portable architecture, the Cordio stack is a superior solution for companies looking to develop Bluetooth low energy semiconductors while reducing time-to-market.

Arm mbed cloud
The scalable solution for IoT device management challenges, built for you.

Bluetooth low energy Link Layer IP compliant with Bluetooth 5
Compliant with the latest Bluetooth low energy specification v4.2 with a roadmap to Bluetooth 5, Synopsys designWare Bluetooth Link Layer IP delivers low power wireless connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) System-on-Chips (SoCs).

DesignWare Bluetooth Low Energy IP Solutions
Synopsys complete DesignWare Bluetooth Low Energy IP solution, compliant with Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth mesh, consists of silicon-proven PHYs and Link Layer IP.

Power Quencher Capless LDO (Silicon-proven 40 nm, 1 mA, excellent quiescent current for IoT)
Power Quencher® LDOs: This series of low-power, fully-integrated low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators achieves a low-noise output voltage without external components, thus saving package pins and valuable PC board space.

Ensigma GNSS IP
Designed specifically for mobile battery-operated devices, Ensigma GNSS IP solutions support GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo GNSS and a range of SBAS, providing high performance without compromising battery life.

IoT Edge SoC Platform
An edge device in the IoT context is a secure, remotely manageable asset connected to the cloud

IoT Gateway SoC Platform
IoT Gateway is a critical component in an IoT system and it connects multiple and in many cases, heterogeneous edge devices to the cloud. Among its primary functions are, edge device connectivity, protocol translation, data filtering & analysis, security, device management etc.

LTE NB IoT/Cat M UE Low Power RF Transceiver IP
70xx is a range of ultra‐low power LTE Cat M/NB-IoT RF Transceiver IPs optimized for IoT and M2M applications.

IcyTRX - Ultra low-power 2.4 GHz transceiver for Bluetooth Low Energy 5
The icyTRX ultra-low-power RF transceiver is designed to meet standards such as Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart), 802.15.4 PHY Layer (e.g. ZigBee), and proprietary standards with data-rates from 62.5 kBit/s up to 4 Mbit/s.

Palma Ceia WiFi Internet of Things (IoT) Solution
Complete silicon-proven IC product and IP solutions that can drop-in to your system or IC design and meet your time-to-market goals.

Multi-Standard, Low-Power IoT Radio

Blue Gecko BGM121 Bluetooth Smart SiP Module
BGM121 Blue Gecko Bluetooth SIP Module has +8 dBm TX power and is targeted for applications where ultra-small size, reliable high performance RF, low-power consumption and easy application development are key requirements. At 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.4 mm the BGM121 module fits applications where size is a constraint.

EFR32 Mighty Gecko Mesh Networking Wireless SoCs for zigbee and Thread
The Mighty Gecko family of SoCs is ideal for designing energy-friendly wireless connected IoT devices. Part of the Wireless Gecko portfolio, the Mighty Gecko is the superset part and supports 2.4 GHz and Sub-GHz protocols, including zigbee, Thread, BLE, and Silicon Labs Connect stack for 2.4 GHz, as well as Sub-GHz for proprietary protocols and the Connect stack. The single-die solution provides industry-leading energy efficiency, ultra-fast wakeup times, a scalable power amplifier, and no-compromise MCU features. The devices are well suited for battery operated application as well as other systems requiring high performance and low energy consumption.

H.264 hardware encoder for ultra low power IoT application
H.264 High profile level 4.2 | Max resolution up to 2032x2032 | Max performance 1920x1088 30fps at 150Mhz (60fps at 300Mhz) | Macro block 16x16 / 8x8 / 4x4 all estimation | Intra prediction 0~8 all estimation | Wide motion search range (+-96, +-48) for moving camera | Quater pel motion estimation | CAVLC / CABAC VLC | Deblock filtering | Multi-slice encoding

IoTData_Optical rainfall sensor
The optical rainfall sensor uses the principle of optical induction to measure rainfall. A number of optical probes are built in and reliable telemetry algorithms are used to ensure reliable rainfall detection. Different from the traditional mechanical sensor, optical rainfall is smaller, more sensitive, more reliable, more intelligent, and easy to maintain.

IoTData_Portable digital signal Collector
The portable digital signal collector is a multi-interface data acquisition instrument which is developed by Huachang Science and Technology and integrates data acquisition, storage, analysis and customization. With the humanized interface and the operation interface, operation is simple and reliable. It has built-in mass memory, which can store more than 60000 pieces of data.

LoRa Geolocation for IoT
LoRa Geolocation is a GPS-free solution for low power wide area networks. As a major enhancement to the LoRa wireless RF platform, LoRa geolocation solution will enable a wide range of applications which require the determination of a location as part of the overall solution.

UE LTE-M (Cat-M) / NB-IoT SAW-less TRX 400MHz~2.7GHz (no PA)
SaberTek s 4th generation LTE transceiver IP. Supporting 3GPP Rel. 14, it has the lowest power consumption and silicon area, enabling IoT wireless market. This transceiver IP requires minimum off-chip components enabling very low cost IoT solutions.

UE LTE-M (Cat-M) / NB-IoT SAW-less TRX 400MHz~2.7GHz (with integrated PA)
SaberTek s 4th generation LTE transceiver IP. Supporting 3GPP Rel.14, it has the lowest power consumption and silicon area, enabling IoT wireless market. This transceiver IP requires minimum off-chip components enabling very low cost IoT solutions.

Wi-Fi HaLow 802.11ah IP
Wi-Fi HaLow adapts the familiar Wi-Fi standard to a frequency and connection style that is ideally suited to the Internet of Everything.

Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer for Real-Time Tracking, Customer Engagement, Business Intelligence, and other IoT Applications
Intelligraphics provides a mobile Wi-Fi device driver for TI WiLink™ and select Qualcomm® chipsets that enables customers to create a solution stack for truly portable, mobile wireless sniffer.

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n Transceiver 2.4GHz+PA+Balun for IoT
SBR75xxIoT, is a fully integrated 1x1 transceiver IPs for 2.4GHz 802.11bgn applications. It includes the receiver, transmitter, Frac-N frequency synthesizer and LO chain, and all the supporting blocks such as bias.

STM32L4 Discovery kit IoT node, low-power wireless, BLE, NFC, SubGHz, Wi-Fi
The B-L475E-IOT01A Discovery kit for IoT node allows users to develop applications with direct connection to cloud servers.


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