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sureCore Ltd is an IP company focused on the development of power efficient physical IP for next generation silicon processes at 28nm and below.

The industry is at a critical juncture as the challenges posed by the granularity of matter adversely affect the operation of the underlying transistors. This has meant the development of alternative structures such as FinFET and Fully Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator (FD-SOI) to seek to address the issues.

Application-Centric SRAM Design Services

SoC architects developing cutting edge wearable, wireless, augmented reality and IoT devices can no longer make do with standard memory IP. They demand application-specific power and performance targets that demand “out-of-the-box” thinking and leading energy efficiency. sureCore’s application-centric memory design service (ACSRAM ) delivers on their unique design & PPA requirements with customized memories that are designed, validated, characterized and ready to integrate.

Proven Techniques

sureCore’s application-centric approach deploys patented and proven low-power design techniques that prioritize power optimization over speed and area. sureCore develops memory variants including SRAM and Register Files based on either standard foundry or custom bit cells, the latter capable of delivering ultra-low operating voltages, improved leakage characteristics and improved performance.

sureCore power saving techniques are process technology agnostic and have been demonstrated in bulk CMOS, FDSOI and FinFET.

Advanced Verification & Characterisation

A rigorous verification regime incorporating statistical, parametric and physical validation ensures that sureCore application-centric memories meet demanding quality requirements. Accurate industry-standard timing and power views are delivered from flows based on leading memory characterization tooling and multiple PVT corners are generated quickly and automatically.

Tech Specs

Country United Kingdom
Main Core Competency Logic and High level Design , Physical Design
Experience Technology Lower than 22nm Yes

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