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SoCs for interfacing with sensors, are becoming mandatory for many industrial applications requiring remote and/or intelligent sensing.
How to ensure the fastest Return-on-Investment, whereas the whole system robustness and yield depend mainly on variations of the sensor behavior?

Tech Specs

Country France
Company Size 200
Vendor Type Design Services , Turnkey Solution Provider
Main Core Competency Logic and High level Design , Physical Design
Application Domain Internet of Things , AI and Deep Learning
Experience Technology Lower than 22nm Yes


I. Sensor-centered SoC Design
  • Reduced Time to Market through shortening of specification, design and characterization phases
  • Brief latency in the Sensor + ASIC close-loop: the sensor is part of the feedback loop with the analog modulator only
  • Feedback force treating separately or combining Sensor activation, force balance and compensation for fab variations
  • Linearization of sensor behavior by feedback control to limit the range of variation
  • Yield optimization of MEMS fabrication through process tolerance analysis on virtual testbench
  • Ascertainment of equivalence between simulations and silicon measurements thanks to diagnostic modes in characterization phase
  • Simplicity and shortness of the SoC test protocol thanks to electrical control of the Dummy Sensor
  • Ability to perform system calibration and to compensate process variations

II. Measurement system in closed-loop -

  • The validation of a measurement system electronic loop (SENSOR + ASIC) can easily become a nightmare without appropriate means for ASIC specification and validation.
  • The Dummy sensor is an electrical emulator of the mechanical sensor behavior in closed loop. The main issue for specifying it is to assess with the right accuracy each of its domains of equivalence with the sensor.
  • Performing system prototyping with the capability to emulate the physical signal being sensed
  • Optimizing the ASIC design
  • Validating the ASIC performances in closed loop
  • Getting a measurement system electronic loop working in a single pass
  • Operating over a range where the sensor displays a linear behavior

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