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Low power SoCs are constantly required to include new and innovative functions. As a result, designers are looking for hardware solutions with the flexibility to add new features and still meet tight deadlines. Adding ArcticPro ultra-low power eFPGA is an ideal solution that can be customized to implement post production changes without costly and time consuming redesign.


  • Flexibility : Enables complex functionality with the ability to make post-abrication changes
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption : Optimized from the ground up for low power
  • Increased Performance : Eliminates chip-to-chip delays
  • Increased Revenues and Margins : Creates closer match to market requirements and greater market longevity
  • Lower R&D Costs : Reduces total development cost and time to accommodate a wide selection of end products and product variants
  • Fast Time to Market : Ability to make post-fabrication changes eliminates the need to redo masks

Block Diagram

Tech Specs

Geometry nm22
Target Process NodeGF 22FDX


Flexibility Supporting changing requirements, multiple un-ratified standards, multiple chip variants Lower R&D Costs Reduces total development cost and time to bring multiple SoCs to market

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