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Sonics Network for AMBA Protocol (SNAP), offers SoC developers a low-cost, easy-to-configure bus solution specifically designed to simplify AMBA-based designs. SNAP s unique architecture makes it an attractive alternative for complex SoCs that are outgrowing traditional multilayer AHB designs. Users looking to improve AHB bus performance, facing memory bottlenecks or needing to integrate AXI with AHB/APB, or looking for better bus design tools and design methodologies will find SNAP an ideal solution. The SNAP architecture consists of AXI and AHB master layers, AHB/APB slave branches and an interconnect matrix. Each element allows designers the flexibility to create the optimal system architecture by allowing the SoC to be configured for the best performance while minimizing chip area. SNAP tools provide an automated design environment to support architecture exploration so that performance, power and area trade-offs can be made. The combination of SNAP architecture and tools provide a complete platform design that will shorten design cycles and save cost by allowing a high level of reuse. SNAP will grow with your design if there is a need for higher performance processors and memory.


Simplifies and improves AMBA based designs
  • Provides a turn-key solution for SoCs that are dominated by AHB and APB cores; simplifying multi layer designs thus reducing customer design time and resources
  • Supports AHB, APB along with upgraded sockets for AXI and OCP based cores
Low Latency
  • Guaranteed bandwidth for latency sensitive peripherals
  • 0-latency through the matrix
  • Latency sensitive masters can be given priority for arbitration
Quality of Service
  • Set data priority level through the matrix
  • User controllable dynamic QoS
Design Capture
  • GUI provides a simple, intuitive design capture interface
  • Automation of RTL and synthesis script generation
  • Automation of performance- testbench for bandwidth, latency, and power measurements
Low Power
  • Improved master layer design to eliminate broadcast communications along with coarse and fine grain clock gating for the interconnect matrix Efficient Power Management
  • Automatic clock gating at fine and coarse grained levels.
  • Split/merge architecture of matrix eliminates broadcast communications that are power hungry in ML-AHB
  • Internal SRMD burst protocol saves switching power


To configure SNAP, Sonics provides a set of low-cost, easy to use development tools. The SNAP Capture Tool provides an intuitive user interface that provides easy capture of the on-chip network design. Simply enter a few parameters about each core in the system and the SNAP compiler will do the rest. SNAP is ideal for embedded SoCs targeted for a wide range of applications, including:
  • Wireless communications: 3G/4G basebands, WLAN, WiMax
  • Wired communications: residential gateways, wireless routers
  • Consumer electronics: PMP, MP3
  • Automotive: Control, Telematics

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