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Embedded systems and Systems on Chip (SoC) are becoming extremely complex architectures, containing tens or hundreds of digital, analog,R.F and software blocks. For most applications, power management is a major consideration and power conservation is a major design decision.

VisualSim Power Toolkit

VisualSim Power Library is the first solution to enable dynamic power tracing and accurate system-level evaluation of the power consumed by different architecture options. With the addition of this library, performance, power and functionality can be explored concurrently for the IP, SoC, semiconductor and system. The library provides four main capabilities-
  • Power table
  • Power management toolkit and power tracking RegEx function
  • Battery models for NiCd, LiON, Alkaline and over 5 other types
  • Energy harvester- Solar, wall socket, motor, Nuclear, Wind and Generic
Using the Power table, designers can measure power, experiment with management options like power gating and sleep modes, vary the number of states/process/devices and optimize the specification to meet the deadline. The power exploration designer can be used to size the battery capacity, energy harvester requirements, battery life based on activity, cooling requirements and evaluating the savings for different management conditions.


The power modeling platform keeps track of the current state of each device as it executes a task or handles data movement. The accuracy of the system stems from the table input and the detailed mapping of tasks to the hardware platform, which can be over 95% accuracy. The extensive definition options allow for extremely accurate depiction of the power for combination of device, state, task and routing conditions. The power table maintains the power expression for each state, dynamically computes the current power value for a state on each device, and stores the power statistics. The management section provides a table that triggers the change of state and the RegEx function enables the dynamic change using the Script. The battery supports a number of standard technologies and can be used to study battery lifecycle, consumption, impact of spikes, thermal shocks and battery capacity. The energy harvester provides insight into the size of the motor or PV cell and rate of drag from the source.


The Power Table supports
  • System block- Server and SystemResource
  • Hardware- Processor, Cache, Memory Controller, HW-DRAM, Cache, DRAM, Bus and Crossbar
  • Standards-PCI, PCIx, AHB, APB, AXI, CMN-600, PCIe,RapidIO, SpaceWire, FibreChannel, Firewire and AVB.
  • User-blocks- The designer can define custom functions or devices and incorporate power into these blocks using the RegEx functions.


Operation: the power table maintains the state, activity and statistics for each device in the system. There can be an individual power table for each level. This table will accumulate the statistics for all modules and devices that are below that level. The state information can be maintained locally to the block.

The Power Table maintains very detailed trace of the power activity. This allows a large variety of reports that are automatically generated per device, per level, per sub-system and full system.

  • Timing diagram of the power consumption by state and per device
  • Current, average and cumulative power by device, by sub-system and total for the entire system
  • State change and average real-time plot
  • Energy Harvester usage rate
  • Input Charge vs Charge Accepted
  • Instantaneous Power Consumption
  • Available Battery Capacity
  • Battery Life Remaining Percentage
  • Surge Details
  • FullCharge Capacity vs Designed Capacity

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