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The IoT PLL is designed for very low power, sipping only 45uW at 30MHz and running from core power. It has a wide frequency range with multiplication factors up to 8192, allowing the PLL to run off of a small and inexpensive 32KHz crystal and still clock a 32-bit CPU at up to 250MHz. It is ideal for IoT applications like wearables and senor devices, where the power-performance profile must be managed tightly, and possibly over a very wide frequency range.


Optimized for very low power, running completely from core power supply. Supports 32KHz reference clocks. Extremely wide range of operation with multiplication factors over 8,000. Small area, delivered as a single hard macro with guardrings and isolation. Flexible and highly programmable. Ideal for low power and cost sensitive applications such as IoT wearables and remote sensors.


GDSII (100% DRC and LVS clean)- LVS Spice netlist- Verilog model- Synopsys synthesis model- LEF for clock generator PLL- User Guidelines including: integration guidelines, layout guidelines, testability guidelines, packaging guidelines, board-level guidelines

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