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GCNano is a complete OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU architected for MCU / MPU systems with limited power, memory, and bandwidth configurations. The graphics core is optimized to offload and significantly reduce system resources while performing complete composition and user interface (UI) acceleration in platforms that require minimal DDR and proprietary / high level OS. Other highlights of the core include tight integration with the display controller, minimal CPU overhead, bandwidth modulation, compression, and wearables / IoT-specific GPU features to shrink silicon size. The tiny software code size puts less constraints on memory size, speeds up GPU initialization and allows instant-on boot-up times.


  • Up to 720p-60 FPS user interface (UI) performance
  • Less than 1 mm2 die area (OpenGL ES 2.0, 28 nm HPM)
  • Enables a seamless UI across all products in all market segments
  • Adding a natural, smart, and intuitive visual interface to any product
  • Smart, beautifully designes UIs that lead to engaging user experiences (UX)
  • Bandwidth reduction using GPGPU at IoT sensor nodes to process real time data
  • Standard, common software stack across all Vivante IoT, consumer, automotive, and embedded products
  • Android is fast becoming the standard operating system (OS) for IoT and next generation products need to conform to this OS

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