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An edge device in the IoT context is a secure, remotely manageable asset connected to the cloud and has the following features:
  • Sensor & Actuators
  • Processing & Storage - In some cases, run analytics and apps
  • Communication (wired or wireless) to stream data and receive commands


Customers can differentiate their IoT solution by using purpose-built ASICs. Following are the key features of an ASIC based sensor hub used in IoT:
  • Low Power
  • Application Specific Security
  • High Reliability
  • Computing and Storage Headroom for Edge Analytics
  • BoM & Form-factor Reduction


Low power : Ultra low power design to reduce stand-by and dynamic power Chip level
  • Ultra Low Power (ULP) fab process technology
  • Power gating
  • Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling
  • Custom CPU/DSP instructions
  • HW accelerators
System Level:
  • Intelligent power management unit
  • Low power modes
  • Software based control
Security Secure Boot:
  • "Root of Trust" in HW
  • Authentication of firmware and operating system stack
  • Over-the-air firmware/software upgrade
Data Security
  • Secure storage
  • Secure transmission and reception
Tamper Proof Device:
  • Physical security
  • Prevention side channel attacks
Device Authentication:
  • Ensuring and maintaining authenticity of device

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