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The ColdFire V1 Platform is a fully configurable microcontroller subsystem built from the same ColdFire V1 processor IP that is implemented in ColdFire+ family devices from Freescale Semiconductor. The ColdFire V1 Platform extends the core processor platform used in Freescales MCF51Qx and MCF51Jx devices to include a set of production-proven peripheral modules, each of which can be included in or excluded from your ColdFire V1 Platform implementation depending on your system requirements.


  • Independent shutdown of selected peripheral clocks
  • Shutdown of the ColdFire V1 CPU clock in response to a ColdFire STOP instruction
  • Single-wire Background Debug Mode (BDM) interface
  • Real-Time Debug (RTD)
  • On-chip, 64-entry trace buffer for low-cost trace over BDM


ColdFire+ family devices feature an enhanced version of the ColdFire V1 Core. Compared to the traditional ColdFire V1 Core used for the CFV1CORE product from IPextreme, the ColdFire V1 processor implemented in the ColdFire V1 Platform features:
  • An enhanced MAC (EMAC) unit
  • An improved hardware divider (DIV+)
  • Cryptographic Acceleration Unit (CAU)
Each of the above units is optional. The ColdFire V1 debug unit with single-wire debug interface and 64-entry trace buffer is also optional. By adjusting HDL parameter settings, you can explore various design tradeoffs and include only the hardware you need for your final implementation, resulting in the smallest and most power efficient core possible for your application requirements. Similar to other ColdFire architecture processors, the ColdFire V1 processor used in the ColdFire V1 Platform features a variable-length instruction set for maximum code density, industry-standard AMBA 3 AHB-Lite system bus interface for rapid system integration, and a wide selection of development tools, operating systems, drivers, and libraries from both commercial and open source providers.


  • Synthesizable Verilog source code
  • Integration testbench and tests
  • Documentation
  • Scripts for simulation and synthesis with support for commonly-used EDA tools
The ColdFire architecture is supported by a vast assortment of development systems/tools and run-time software including libraries, stacks, drivers, and operating systems from providers such as Freescale, Green Hills Software, Wind River Systems, CodeSourcery, and many more.

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