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SSM - SoC System Manager

ChipStart LLC

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All Silicon IP


Virtualize SoC System Management using ChipStarts SSM SSM is a hardware-software subsystem IP which decouples SoC system management functions, such as power, security, error recovery, and boot sequencing, from the specific design, and consolidates these tasks, promoting high reuse and faster hardware-software integration. SSM adds virtualization to the SoC architecture. Hardware level virtualization comes from SSMs ability to operate as a self contained unit independent from the other SoC elements. SSM connects to the other IP cores using a simple hardware bus scheme, and executes commands sent to it to drive the necessary signal level transitions that change an IP cores operation state. Software virtualization comes from SSMs ability to communicate its status to other software on the SoC as it is performing the hardware level tasks. SSM provides APIs and a kernel which is hosted on SSMs hardware core. Drivers connect SSM to other software on the SoC. SSM can also take command directives directly from the other software. Download the SSM data sheet and learn more SSM uses a unique policy maker-enforcement approach to system management. SSM assumes any other resource on the SoC is a policy maker. SSM takes its commands in the form of a list, which are also called scripts. Scripts are placed into SSMs local RAM. SSM executes these scripts and communicates its status at hardware and software levels. Add SSM virtualization to your SoC architecture and save time and money.


  • Lower design and verification risks by simplifying system management architecture
  • Improve effectiveness by enabling any policy setting source to directly connect and control hardware
  • Standardize on one flexible and scalable scheme for all products
  • Centralize system management on one IP block with complete system visibility
  • Create management transparency with other hardware and software so that hardware and software can be easily interchanged while maintaining the overall management scheme
  • Improve system operations by enable new levels of real time management control through context switching policies and enforcement
  • Improve error detection and recovery through well coordinated procedures
  • Improve security of sensitive differentiable innovations via unique secure boot operation
  • Lower manufacturing costs for derivatives through JTAG based firmware boot management


Via virtualization, SSM consolidates system management functions into a SoC subsystem, which operates independently from the other IP cores and other OS/firmware on board.

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