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All Silicon IP


Imagination Technologies META HTP processor core is a low-power unified CPU/DSP processor based on a multi-threaded architecture that enables developers to use a single core to replace multiple CPU and DSP cores. A four threaded META HTP delivers up to 1610 DMIPS in a 65nm process. Traditional processors are often stalled due to multicycle memory latencies, or unproductive whilst performing context switches in software under control of a multitasking RTOS. META HTP supports multiple threads in hardware, each a virtual processor operating in a parallel/overlapped manner with no context switching overheads. On each cycle one or more threads will execute depending upon the resource required by each thread, maximising central ALU and memory utilization - superthreading allowing threads to run simultaneously provided they are not competing for the same resources.


  • Unified core replaces multiple CPU & DSP cores in a heterogeneous system
  • Latency tolerant - ideal for SoCs
  • Each virtual processor can run an independent OS
  • Scalable performance - add more h/w threads
  • Greater throughput - more work per clock cycle
  • Mature toolchain
  • Lower cost than multi-processor approach


  • Multi-threaded CPU/DSP core
  • Rich DSP feature set
  • Configurable thread capabilities
  • I/D Caches & memory management unit
  • Optional Floating Point Unit (FPU)
  • 16-bit instruction set support
  • Fine-grain power management
  • Non-invasive debugging via JTAG
  • Coprocessor interface
  • Fully synthesizable
  • AMA (Automatic MIPS Allocation) for system load balancing

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