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ZSPneo is ideal for cost-sensitive applications that require control processing performance above existing 8-bit microcontrollers, but cannot tolerate the cost of 32 bit microcontrollers. ZSPneo provides processing efficiency and in many cases also eliminates the need for an expensive microcontroller. ZSPneo is ideally suited for enabling functionalities such as voice, audio and speech, which require a level of efficient signal processing capability that is not inherently available in a microcontroller. It is especially suited to applications such as VoIP, audio players, speakerphones, toys, servo and automotive controls.


  • Based on scalable ZSP superscalar architecture - reuse software as application evolves
  • Compiler friendly architecture - orthogonal instruction set
  • Very good code density
  • Optimal balance of performance, power and area to meet the most stringent application requirements.
  • Easy to use, easy to program
  • Broad portfolio of optimized field proven application software, cutting edge development tools, complete ecosystem and exceptional services to help users from concept to market


  • 16 bit, single-mac, single ALU DSP core
  • High precision multiplication with 40 bit accumulation
  • Compact instruction set
  • Most instructions execute in 1 ZSP clock cycle, resulting in the best performance and power efficiency
  • Tightly coupled instruction and data memory with a total of 256KB of address space
  • AHB interface
  • Multiple low power modes of operation
  • Integrated low latency interrupt controller, timers and optional peripherals.

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