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Socle had introduced the best fit 32-bit RSIC CPUs, Arm926EJ/ Arm7EJ, for embedded SoC application to provide the highest performance, smallest area and low power hard core solutions on various foundry processes. With Socle s proprietary Arm926EJ/Arm7EJ Silicon Compiler technology, it s easy to rapidly implement customized and high quality Arm926EJ/Arm7EJ hard cores based on different SoC application needs. The Arm926EJ/ Arm7EJ comprises a range of DSP-enhanced 32-bit RISC processors to enhance the performance of many signal processing algorithms and applications as well as supporting Thumb and Java byte code execution, well suited for applications requiring a combination of DSP, Java and microcontroller functionality and performance to offer considerable savings in chip area, complexity, power consumption, and time-to-market.


  • 16-bit Thumb to provide optimized code compression
    • Code compatibility between ARM core families
    • Integrated microcontroller, DSP, and Java solutions into one core to reduce software development effort and schedule
    • ARM is one of the world s leading 32-bit embedded RISC processor providers
    • Easier to obtain HW/SW/Engineer resources from public comparing with other RISC processors
    • Customized hard core solution upon customer special request
    • Provide the highest performance, smallest area and low power hard core solutions on various foundry proce


  • 32/16-bit RISC architecture (Armv5TEJ)
    • DSP extensions and single cycle MAC
    • ARM Jazelle technology
    • Industry standard AMBA bus AHB interfaces
    • The Silicon Compiler with options including foundries and process technology selection, configuration of cache size, and different performance requirements (such as area, power, speed, etc).
  • Silicon proven solution at 0.18um and 0.13um


  • Technical Reference Manual
  • Integration Guide
  • Datasheet
  • Simulation Model
  • Timing Model
  • Functional Patterns
  • Test Chip

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