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At Faraday, we provide professional ASIC design service with a well-developed ASIC infrastructure and an experienced ASIC team with average 10 years of experience. In addition to ASIC technology, we develop our own in-house IPs, including ARM-compliant CPU, high speed IOs, memory interface, and fundamental IPs (library, memories, PLL, regulator, etc) and are expertise in SoC design/service. With in-house IP development capability and solution, we are able to provide IP consulting at ASIC level and do IP customization for customers special ASIC requirement. Moreover, to meet increasing demand for SoC ASIC design, we build a dedicated platform service team and SoC development flow/tools to support the complex development process and accelerate SoC time-to-tapeout.

Our ASIC, SoC and IP design capability and services enable customers to realize their ideas in silicon better and faster, and be competitive on the market with lower cost and higher differentiation.

From specification sign-off to RTL hand-off or netlist hand-off models, Faraday provides variety of engagement models for customers to turn their ideas into silicon realities.

  • Specification sign-off ASIC services
  • RTL handoff ASIC services
  • General ASIC services


  • Easy access to leading-edge design and manufacturing technologies at competitive cost
  • Broad in-house-developed, silicon-proven IPs to help customers lower IP licensing fee, IP royalty fee, and design integration risks
  • Robust ASIC design flow to ensure first-cut-work silicon and shorten time-to-market
  • Strong relationships with first-tier vendors for time-to-market, and second-source vendors for cost competitiveness and lower production risk

Tech Specs

Core CompetencyFPGA-Structured ASIC, High Speed Physical Interface IP


  • Process Technology
    Faraday is the biggest cell library and memory compiler developer for the foundry, UMC, offering a broad variety of process nodes, and optimizations for size, performance, leakage, etc.
  • SoC/ASIC Development Platform
    To accelerate time-to-market, Faraday provides platform ASIC chips with FPGA development boards. Customers can put their designs and/or 3rd-party IPs on the FPGA and validate the system prototype with software.
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
    Faraday s broad IP portfolio includes processors, peripherals, standard interfaces, essential analog/mixed-signal IPs, embedded memories, etc. In-house developed IPs help eliminate integration risks and lower IP licensing costs. IP customization service is also provided.
  • Design Flow
    Faraday offers a full-spectrum of efficient and reliable design methodology and tools. The combination of leading-edge 3rd-party EDA tools (3rd -party s leading-edge tools) and proprietary utilities results in a streamlined process that promises first-cut work.
  • Packaging & Testing
    As design complexity increases, packaging and testing represent a significant portion of the total manufacturing cost. Faraday works closely with supply-chain partners to provide a wide selection of advanced and cost effective options, whether the need is for high-speed interface, low-power dissipation, or minimal cost.
  • Production Service
    To ensure the best product yield rate and reliability level, Faraday has an experienced production engineering and failure analysis team. Customers can also trace the latest design and manufacturing status on real time through a dedicated online protocol (eService).

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