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B40LLDDRPHY-D34LP23 IP is compliant to JESD79-3F(DDR3), JESD79-4A(DDR4), JESD209-2F(LPDDR2), JESD209-3B(LPDDR3),DFI3.1 specification and delivers an unbeatable combination of DDR speed and low power operation. With DSCL and DABC technology, B40LLDDRPHY-D34LP23 IP can automatically compensate chip/package/board/memory PVT variation and bit-bit skew. B40LLDDRPHY-D34LP23 delivers the highest DDR performance, the smallest area and the shortest bring up time. It is easy to integrate B40LLDDRPHY-D34LP23 with BDDRCTL-D34LP23 controller IP or other third party DDR controller through the AHB/APB register interface and DFI3.1 interface. Technique support will be provided to help the customer for integration/validation.

Tech Specs

Geometry nm40
Target Process NodeSMIC40LL


  • Max data rate 1866Mbps
  • Comprehensive DDR34/LPDDR23 training
    • CA training
    • DQ read training
    • DQ write training
    • Write leveling
    • Vref training
  • PHY is DFI 3.1 compatible and backwards-compatible to earlier DFI standards for simplified integration with existing DFI-compliant Controllers
  • PHY includes DSCL technology
    • Automatically compensates for DDR interface timing due to static (process-related) variations and dynamic variations due to operating temperature, voltage, and data patterns
  • PHY includes DABC technology
    • Automatically compensates for bit-bit skew within each byte lane
  • Flexible, rectilinear PHY layout offers industry's smallest PHY area and is hardened to match IO pad frame
  • DSCL delivers lowest PHY latency of 0.5 – 1 clock cycles
  • PHY (and optionally IO) configured as drop-in hard macro for easy implementation
  • Fast and simple system bring-up via DSCL hardware routine
  • Improved long term system reliability


  • Technical reference manual
  • Encrypted Verilog simulation model (ncverilog/vcs)
  • .db, .lib, .vg, .lef, .gdsII, .spef, .sdf
  • Timing report

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