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The Atria Logic AL-AVPLR-IPC is a compact and low power, embedded AVC (H.264) file-based AV decoder IP core, targeted for industrial and CE applications. Industrial applications include remote monitoring of manufacturing plants and digital signage for advertising and information displays in hotels, ATMs, gas pumps, kiosks, etc. CE applications include digital picture frames, SSD/HDD players, VR, and in-flight and automotive infotainment systems.

The player consists of a file reader, a de-multiplexer, an H.264 Baseline Profile HD decoder with color space converter, and an AAC-LC stereo decoder. Also included is an AV player application with build-in GUI for basic player operation, such as Play, Pause, Stop and Fast-Forward trick mode. OS support is via Ubuntu LTS. The AV player application is fully Linux GTK based, while the decoder itself is fully implemented in the Linux GStreamer open source multimedia framework.


  • 100% available FPGA gates (full software-based implementation)
  • Low power implementation
  • Cost-sensitive implementation
  • Easily expanded to support TS-over-IP input over built-in Ethernet MAC


  • Remote monitoring
  • Digital signage
  • Digital picture frames
  • SSD/HDD players
  • In-flight infotainment
  • Automotive infotainment

Block Diagram


  • H.264 Baseline Profile video decode; 720p24, 3Mbps max
  • AAC-LC stereo decode; 48KHz, 128Kbps max
  • +/- 0.2ms AV sync
  • Linux GStreamer open source multimedia framework support
  • Linux GTK GUI-based player application support
  • Play, Pause, Stop basic player operation support
  • Fast-Forward trick mode player support
  • Xilinx Zynq 7010 FPGA implementation

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