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NEMA|t is the industry’s smallest Internet-of-Things (IoT) Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) with 3D functionality. The architecture of NEMA|t has been specifically designed from bottom-up for the new generation of superior wearable and IoT display products which require great graphics quality and performance and ultra-low power consumption. The incredibly small silicon footprint of 0.1mm2 (400MHz @ 28nm) has leakage power GPU consumption of just 0.07mW. Implementing Think Silicon’s proprietary compression technologies limits memory power consumption to just 0.03mW (in DDR-less systems). NEMA|t features OpenGL® ES capabilities, implements a fully configurable and programmable 3D graphics rendering engine, accelerates a comprehensive super-set of 2D graphics drawings, and has smart composition functions.


NEMA|t is, designed to support midrange till higher level quality wearable and IoT devices, such as smart watches, health and fitness applications, smart accessories, alarm systems, home automation, embedded-platforms etc. sporting an SoC with 32-bit MCU or MPU. With NEMA|t, you are be able to create compelling 3D Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and software applications with ultra-long battery life or lower power consumption at a significantly lower cost for power-memory-area constrained IoT devices. For example, with core frequencies just as little as 80MHz, NEMA|t delivers a fast and brilliant 3D UI experience in 420x420 resolution, without being limited to these parameters.


  • Fully programmable engine with a VLIW instruction set
  • Scalable to multiple cores
  • Command list based DMAs to minimize CPU overhead
  • 3D Rendering
    • Support for OpenGL®
    • Perspective correct image projection
    • Bilinear filtering
    • Z-Buffer(Early test, Late test)
  • Compression schemes
    • Framebuffer: 4bpp
    • Texture: 6bpp with/out alpha
    • Z-buffer
  • 2D drawing
    • Pixel drawing
    • Line drawing (at any direction)
    • Filled rectangles
    • Triangles (Gouraud Shaded)
    • Quadrilaterals
    • Configurable clipping rectangle
  • Smart Composition
    • One pass composition
    • Hidden areas are not read from memory
    • YUV layers are automatically processed without intermediate conversion
    • Video scaler
  • Blit Support
    • Rotation (any angle)
    • Mirroring (vertical, horizontal)
    • Stretch (independently on x and y axis)
    • Source and/or destination color keying
    • Format conversion
    • RGB and YUV
  • Text rendering supports
    • A1 bitmap
    • A8 bitmap antialiased
    • Subsampled antialiased
  • Color formats
    • 32/16/8 bit RGB with/out alpha
    • GreyScale
    • YUV
  • Full Alpha blending
    • Porter-Duff / DirectFB blending modes
    • Source/Destination color keying


The deliverables include: reference design systems and demos for different platforms (Xilinx Zynq, Altera SoCkit), a complete set of synthesis and STA (Static Timing Analysis) scripts, OS drivers (for Linux, Android), graphics API software libraries (for DirectFB, Qt) and standalone bare drivers. Documentation includes: IP manual, integration manual, software library manual including code samples, and demonstration platform application notes.

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