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Voice Activity Detector. The challenge of power consumption in a voice-activated system

The interaction between humans and devices is increasingly carried out through voice control, be it for plugged or battery-powered devices. This unavoidable trend is made feasible thanks to the emergence of powerful signal processing algorithms capable to convert, with high success rate, the human speech to text but also to understand meaningful information, such as keywords and commands.

Dolphin Integration introduces a breakthrough Voice Activity Detector, the WhisperTrigger™, to provide ultra-low power Always-On Voice Listening for the longest-lasting operation without battery recharge and for environmentally friendly devices.

Block Diagram


  • Ultimate power savings : The WhisperTrigger™ is a stand-alone feature. It enables to switch-off the audio DSP and ADC, to divide the power consumption by up to 50 times compared to conventional approaches at system level.
  • Self-adaptability : WhisperTrigger™ s self-adjustable algorithm ensures the best detection rate whatever the environment conditions of the user.
  • High-performances : WhisperTrigger™ s outstanding performance – up to 100% detection rate in both near field and far field conditions – are proven by the first benchmark in public domain, MIWOK™.

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