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Chips&Media's WAVE520 is one of the most advanced hardware video codec IP core supporting next generation High Efficiency Video Coding(HEVC) standard, also known as H.265.

WAVE520 is Chips&Media's 2nd generation video IP, which achieves the best encoding quality at high resolution and frame rate - 4K(3840x2160) 60fps or similar. The required clock frequency for WAVE520 is significantly low, that 380MHz is necessary for decoding, and 500MHz is for encoding.

For simultaneous decoding and encoding of 4K resolution, 30fps can be achieved with single IP core.

In addition to its superior high resolution(4K) capabilities, WAVE520 also provides maximum bandwidth efficiency and exceptionally low power consumption, which are today's most demanding requirements across all connected devices. With CFrameTM embedded frame buffer compression technology, memory access bandwidth reduction of 50~70% can be achieved. WAVE520 is suitable for application across various industry segments including ultra high definition televisions(UHD TVs), UHD camcorders, VR·ARs, drones, automotives, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets and any other applications or devices with super high resolution.

Block Diagram


  • Supported standards for Encoder
    • ISO/IEC23008-2 HEVC , ITU-T Rec. H.265 Main Profile L5.1
  • Performance
    • Single Core (Encoder)
      • 3840x2160p 60fps < 500MHz
    • Dual Core
      • 3840x2160p 120fps < 500MHz
  • Encoding Tools
    • Up to 8192x4096 pixel resolution
    • Configurable bit-depth of 8-bit/10-bit
    • Rate Control
      • CBR and VBR focusing on subjective quality
    • IP configurable at compile time
      • B-Frames, bit-depth, RDO complexity
    • High performance CABAC engine
    • High performance RDO
      • ME ¼-per accuracy with search range of ±128H, ±64V with adaptive search center
      • CU/ TU split, transform skip
    • Sample Adaptive Offset(SAO) filter
    • De-blocking filter
    • Mulit-core extension capability
    • Low delay coding
    • Temporal scalability
    • Lossless coding
    • 3-Dimensional Noise Reduction
    • Smart background detection
    • Motion-constrained tiles set support
    • Weighted prediction
  • Supported standards for Decoder
    • Fully Compatible with ISO/IEC23008-2 HEVC , ITU-T Rec. H.265 Main Profile High-tier L5.1
  • Performance
    • Single Core
      • 3840x2160p 30fps < 190MHz
      • 3840x2160p 60fps < 380MHz
    • Dual Core
      • 3840x2160p 120fps < 380MHz
  • Decoding Tools
    • Fully Compatible with ISO/IEC 23008-2 HEVC(H.265) specification in Main profile10 High-tier
    • Supports up to 8192x8192 pixel resolution(8Kx4K)
    • I/P/B Picture Decoding
    • Coding Unit(CU) sizes from 8x8 to 64x64
    • Prediction Unit(PU) sizes from 4x4 to 64x64
    • Transform Unit(TU) sizes from 4x4 to 32x32
    • Supports all Intra Prediction sizes and modes
    • Supports all Intra Prediction sizes and modes
    • Advanced Motion Vector Prediction
    • CABAC(Context Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding)
    • De-blocking filter
    • Sample Adaptive Offset(SAO) filter
    • Tiles and WPP for multi-core extension
  • Interface
    • AMBA 32-bit APB interface for Host CPU
    • AMBA 128-bit AXI interface for the external memory

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