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All Silicon IP


The Multi-Packet Manager is a highly programmable and unique Security Protocol Accelerator specifically designed to efficiently process data for high capacity wireless and network applications. The engine is perfectly suited for applications that deal with multiple active connections and significant traffic load on different contexts, such as 4G LTE-Advanced wireless cellular base stations and femtocells. The Multi-Packet Manager significantly reduces the CPU and software loads, and improves system level latencies via autonomous packet processing and automated key caching mechanisms. The Multi-Packet Manager allows the host processor to dynamically add network packets to be processed while the security engine is busy processing data. Intelligent caching and pre-fetching reduces the bus traffic, internal buffering and power consumption without increasing the software load in a system. The Multi-Packet Manager can be preconfigured to match the customer s system requirements. The engine reduces the CPU interrupt impact by allowing interrupts to be issued at the end of the packet list, after a specific number of packet descriptors have been processed, and on demand. To meet the needs of multiple security applications such as 3GPP/LTE-Advanced, IPsec, SRTP, MACsec and storage, the Multi-Packet Manager security engine offers support for all required cipher and message authentication algorithms.


  • Silicon proven
  • Highly integrated
  • SoC/ASIC developers and embedded system OEMs benefit from
    • Reduced time to market
    • Reduced risk
    • Highly tuned solutions for performance, power and size
  • IP developed by industry experts through a structured and rigorous development and verification program


  • Highly efficient processing of small packets from different data streams
  • Autonomous packet processing
  • Automated key caching
  • Small internal buffering
  • Low CPU interrupt impact
  • Low software interaction with the engine
  • Lower system level latencies
  • Highly configurable security accelerator
  • Support for all ciphers, hashes and MAC algorithms used in major protocols such as IPsec, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, 3GPP LTE/LTE-A, SRTP, SSL/TLS/DTLS, MACsec
    • Cipher algorithms: AES, DES/3DES, ARC4 [RC4], MULTI2, KASUMI, SNOW 3G, ZUC
    • Cipher modes: ECB, CBC, CTR, OFB, CFB, f8, XTS, UEA1, UEA2, 128-EEA1, 128-EEA2, 128-EEA3
    • Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD) modes: CCM, GCM
    • Hash/MAC algorithms: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, SHA-512/224, SHA-512/256, AES-XCBC-MAC, AES-CMAC, KASUMI-f9, KASUMI-UIA1, SNOW-3G-UIA2, SNOW-3G-128-EIA1, AES-128-EIA2, ZUC-128-EIA3, CRC-32-IEEE802.3
    • Hash modes: raw hash, SSLMAC, HMAC
    • Other modes: GSM A5/3, ECSD A5/3 and GEA3 keystream generation
  • Optimal bus utilization
  • Increased throughput through parallel hashing and encryption
  • Flexible interrupt control
    • End of list of packet
    • Number of packets
    • On-demand
  • Dual-clock domain capability to run interface and crypto content in different clock domains
  • Support for big- or little-endian
  • Configurable 32- or 64-bit bus interfaces
    • AMBA AXI4
      • Low-Power
    • AMBA AHB
      • Lower level of interfacing available

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