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The Sample Rate Converter (SRC) performs conversion of sound with a specific input sample rate to sound with a different output sample rate, while changing the characteristics of the audio signal as little as possible. SRC is often used in audio processing chains where different audio streams need to be aligned and mixed, or for transferring the audio to a digital to analog convertor that runs at a fixed frequency. The SRC is implemented using multi-stage cascaded polyphase FIR filtering, with low-pass filter used for upsampling or downsampling. Its algorithm is based on an interpolation-decimation method and has three steps. Cascaded decomposition avoids extremely long FIR filters. The FIR filtering provides a linear phase response. Filter coefficients, as well as other parameters, are supplied through the API functions, allowing a flexible configuration of the converter for the required sample rates.


Thoroughly tested Well documented Provided in source Highly optimized Developed in-house:issues that may arise are quickly handled by Virage Logic?s in-house DSP experts


Sample Rate Converter is supplied with filter tables for several standard conversion ratios. Supports conversion of standard rates of 22.05 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, and 192 kHz to 44.1 kHz, or any other conversion between sample rates of the same ratio. Tables for custom rates (or with specific quality requirements) are supported by the algorithm as well. Supports up to 8 audio channels Supports 16-, 24- and 32-bit samples Supports high performance and high quality modes


Datasheet lists features and characteristics Full C source code for ease of integration and further differentiation Test harness (runs out of box on FPGA or simulator) Run on ARC s XCAM cycle-accurate simulation models Quick and easy performance and I/O measurements Optimize core configuration: cache sizes & configuration, ICCM/DCCM size, busses, etc. Reference Design for multi-codec use cases available Integrated into ARC s Media Software Framework and MQX RTOS Codecs allow multiple instances to be run in parallel Documentation: Datasheet, Release Notes, Getting Started Guide, Reference Document, Code examples All Codecs developed, delivered and supported by Virage Logic staff

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