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All Silicon IP


The BA452 is a secure connection engine that can be used to off-load the compute intensive Public Key operations (Diffie-Helmann, Signature Generation and Verification). The BA452 IP core is developed validated and licensed by Silex Inside.

It combines a load balancer and a configurable amount of instances of the BA414EP Public-Key Cryptography engine benefiting from all features supported in the BA414EP (i.e. RSA/DH/DSA and ECC/ECDSA/ECDH/X.25519/X.448 and more). This module enables to efficiently obtain maximum system performance with several tenths of BA414EP instances being scheduled efficiently.


  • Cloud computing
  • Data Center
  • IKE – TLS/SSL connection engine
  • Crypto currency transactions (Bitcoin, others...)
  • V2X (cloud side)


  • RSA, ECC and more
    • DSA, DH, RSA
    • X.25519, X.448
    • SM2
  • > 1 GHz in ASIC 16 nm
  • 400-500 MHz on mid-range/high-end FPGA
  • Very high performance on off-the-shelf FPGA
  • 1300K ECC P-256/s
  • 125K RSA-2K/s


  • Netlist or RTL
  • SW drivers (Linux)
  • Scripts for synthesis & STA
  • Self-checking testbench based on referenced vectors

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