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All Silicon IP


The DesignWare® ARC® Secure IP Subsystem is a complete, pre-verified, hardware and software solution that provides a programmable hardware root of trust to secure high value embedded targets. It is designed for fast and easy integration within a larger system context.

The ARC Secure IP Subsystem is fully configurable and includes:

  • Choice of energy-efficient ARC SEM110 or SEM120D processor
  • Extensive collection of hardware accelerated cryptography options
  • Secure instruction and data memory controllers
  • Host and peripheral interfaces (UART, NVM, GPIO, TRNG, Device ID)

The software within the subsystem includes:

  • A NIST-verified cryptography library
  • Small-footprint drivers for all I/O
  • DSP functions supporting signal processing (SEM120D)
  • Secure boot software
  • ARC SecureShield™ runtime library

Block Diagram


  • Pre-verified subsystem protects against malicious attacks targeting high value applications
  • Integrated, ARC SEM Security Processor protects against side-channel attacks
  • Software and hardware cryptography options accelerate a range of crypto algorithms including AES, 3DES, SHA-256 and RSA/ECC
  • Secure instruction and data controllers provide external memory encryption and authentication
  • Subsystem software includes NIST-validated platform libraries cryptography library, secure boot toolkit and SecureShield runtime library

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