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Rambus DPA Resistant Hardware Cores prevent against the leakage of secret cryptographic key material through attacks when integrated into an SoC. These superior performance cores are easy to integrate into SoCs and FPGAs, providing robust side-channel resistance across different security and performance levels.


These high-performance cores provide a higher level of protection than standard security cores, while improving time-to-market, as all the cores are validated DPA countermeasures. It is highly flexible for integration with standard cipher modes such as Cipher Block Chaining (CBC), Counter (CTR) and Authenticated Encryption mode / Galois Counter (GCM) modes. The fast AES core performs AES encryption with DPA protection using only 2 clock cycles per AES round, outperforming any existing solution.

Block Diagram


  • Quicken time-to-market using precertified DPA Countermeasures
  • Highly secure cryptographic engine primitives
  • Extensive validation using the Test Vector Leakage Assessment (TVLA) methodology (revealing no leakage beyond 100 million traces)
  • Cores protected against univariate first- and second-order side-channel attacks beyond 1 billion operations
  • DPARC cores are available for AES (128/256), 3DES, SHA-2 (224/256 or 224/256/384/512), HMAC-SHA-2 (224/256 or 224/256/384/512), RSA, ECDSA, and ECDH
  • Implements silicon proven and validated DPA countermeasures such as LMDPL (LUT-
  • Masked Dual-rail with Pre-charge Logic) gate-level masking
  • Simple control/status interface
  • No routing constraints required
  • Delivers highest level of security with side-channel resistance prioritized
  • Also available as non-protected standard versions

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