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  • Protection of the embedded secrets against professional hackers stealing actions
  • Protection of Non-Volatile-Memory to make sure that pirates:
    1. Do not access the code (boot loader, test functions) which could be used to extract the embedded software or data
    2. Can not extract the embedded software which would allow them to:
      • Gain information to be able to easily perform cheaper attacks
      • Emulate the code on another device
    3. Have no access to user data
  • Great efficiency: needs very little silicon area, consumes very low energy and does not degrade the IC performance
  • 100% Hardware based: does not require extra-software design as it relies on the IC itself


  • EFFECTIVENESS against the most common invasive attack:
    • Protection against NVM read-out
    • Protection of chip designer's assets and user code
    => Prevents from counterfeiting, emulation / copy, cloning (off-branded and illegal copies)
    • 100% Standard Cells-based design, fully integrable in the digital core
      => No analog parts involved
    • 100% hardware CM: no Sw involved in both modules (Detection and Defense)
    • 0% sw development needed for the integration of the countermeasure in the design
    => No additional costs for sw development
    • Small footprint (only a few standard cells)
    • No impact on the chip performance (passive monitoring)
    • Insignificant power consumption
    => Very favorable Security / Cost ratio


  • e-Gov
  • IoT
  • Pay TV
  • Consoles & printers peripherals
  • Access Control
  • Smart meters
  • Ticketing


Texplained s countermeasure is schematically composed of two main blocs:
  1. The Detection Module detects the attack ? on the fly ?
    => Its checks the execution flow of the software to detect if a Hardware attack is in progress
  2. The Defense Module reacts to the attack by preventing the striker to obtain the code in the NVW
    => It is highly linked to the architecture of the chip itself, then fully flexible to adapt any Hw architecture
This module brings self-awareness to the chip, avoiding the development of a specific sw security


  • Architecture of the Countermeasure
  • Design Specification of the Detection Module
  • Adaptation of the Countermeasure to the chip', s architecture
  • Support on the integration of the Countermeasure

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