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Leading device OEMs (smartphones, tablet computers, portable media players, portable gaming consoles, etc.) are looking to differentiate their products from the competition. One way to achieve this is by providing unique and innovative applications such as image enhancement in low-light handling, sophisticated Natural User Interface (NUI) like Gesture Recognition, Augmented Reality (AR) and depth sensing. The Automotive market is on the move. Various regulations and technology changes are pressing more and more cameras into this space and related technologies such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications and Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications are being included in newer models. In the Surveillance market, while the cameras becomes more and more intelligent of the video analysis is done online and not on the server and requires massive computer vision support. In the home entertainment market, the emergence of Digital Televisions is driving designers to support state-of-the-art capabilities such as gesture recognition and face detection, recognition and beautification. These devices also need to provide enhanced encoders for video conferencing and special post-processing functions for display. Other emerging markets like Wearable devices also have a requirement for low power consumption, yet look for flexibility during product development. A flexible solution that answers the power and performance requirements is crucial for the product success. CEVA-MM3101 IP platform enables these and many other complex computer vision applications while using its extremely efficient performance and low power capabilities to execute multiple applications in parallel. The CEVA-MM3101 offers a scalable solution that can support a wide variety of products and use-cases. CEVA-MM3101 is augmented by a robust set of full product algorithms coming both from in-house as well as partners technology. The design of imaging and vision applications is accelerated by a full set of software libraries, software tools including CEVA-CV computer vision libraries and ability to offload the CPU by a dedicated framework. By offloading the device CPU and the GPU/GP-GPU for performance-intensive imaging & computer vision processing tasks, the highly-efficient CEVA-MM3101 dramatically reduces the power consumption of the overall system, while providing complete flexibility. Algorithm developers can leverage the CEVA-MM3101programmable architecture to implement their own proprietary software, thereby addressing unique use-cases and providing exceptional functionality that truly differentiates their products.


  • Enables support for the most computation demanding CV algorithms in low power consumption.
  • Eases software development, reduces resource requirements, and speeds time to market.
  • Seamless CV development in optimal performance and low power consumption in a simplified manner.
  • Time-To-Market with ready-to-go Android implementation and reference platform.
  • Abstracts developments and enables development using standard widely-used OpenCV.
  • Easy to build multi-purpose products. Can utilize of CEVA eco-system to expand your own eco-system.

Block Diagram

Tech Specs

Market SegmentVideo


  • Extremely parallel Vector processor engine designed specifically for imaging and computer vision algorithms using low power mechanisms.
  • Advanced IDE, optimizing C compiler, profiler, debugger and simulator, libraries, RTOS and device driver support.
  • Dedicated Application Development Kit (ADK) for offloading computer vision tasks from CPU to CEVA-MM3101.
  • Android Multimedia Framework (AMF) reference design.
  • CEVA-CV Extensive Library
  • >750 optimized computer vision functions from OpenCV optimized for CEVA-MM3101.
  • Off-the-shelf pre-optimized software products from CEVA (such as Digital Video Stabilizer and Super-Resolution) and partners (such as Gesture Recognition, Face Detection & Recognition, Emotion Detection and ADAS)

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