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The Dragon-QT combines Athena s TeraFire F5200 security microprocessor with Intrinisic-ID s Quiddikey-Flex secure key management. Intrinsic-ID s patented physically unclonable function (PUF) technology ??rdware intrinsic security (HIS) - protects the keys from loss during storage. The advanced security architecture of Athena TeraFire F5200 processor protects the keys from loss during use. The fast, efficient, and compact Dragon-QT can be configured for nearly any cryptographic operation, including AES, SHA, elliptic curve cryptography, public key cryptography, advanced true random number generation, SCA/DPA countermeasures, and more. All cryptographic operations are performed without exposing the keys to the host processor. This hands-off key management architecture allows the Dragon-QT processor to prevent loss of keys even when the host application processor is compromised.


-Superior anti-tamper and anti-cloning protection based on Hardware Intrinsic Security -No key present at power-off in the system -Invasively reading out a memory will not reveal information about the key -Memory tampering will not reveal the key -SCA measures protecting keys in use -Autonomous operation minimizes host processor load -Programmability enables adaptability to future standards -PUF provides an instantaneous entropy source -Integrated AES, SHA, and TRNG ensure minimum power per operation -Available as simulation model, RTL, netlist; includes verification suite and C software and X5200 Firmware


-SCA Countermeasures -Quiddikey Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) technology -Integrated Quiddikey-Flex secure key management -Flexible and dynamic key programming of multiple, cryptographically separated keys -Supports RSA, DSA, Diffie-Hellman, and elliptic curve cryptography operations -Complete Suite B cryptography solution -Optional integrated AES, GCM, SHA, and random number generator functions -Optional iRNG true random number generator -Gigabit AES -Hundreds of public key cryptography operations per second -AMBATM AHB bus interface eases SoC integration

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