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The Arm Mali-470 graphics processor (GPU) doubles the energy-efficiency of the successful Utgard family of graphics products while maintaining performance. The Mali-470 GPU is the first Mali graphics processor specifically designed to satisfy the stringent power requirements of wearable and IoT devices. With multi-core configurability as standard, the Mali-470 delivers optimal energy-efficiency for screen resolutions of up to 640x640 in single-core configuration, as well as higher resolutions with multi-core configurations. The Mali-470 builds on the success of the Mali-400 GPU in first-generation wearables and reduces the power consumption by up to 50 percent, while maintaining the familiar hardware interfaces and driver software of the Mali-400.


Maximize battery life, minimize heat dissipation Reduced memory bandwidth overhead and lower power consumption Unlimited number of blended layers without additional bandwidth consumption or unexpected performance drops Significantly higher quality and performance than alternative oversampling methods Allows virtualization of GPU memory resources and fine-grained memory protection Enables maximum parallelization of CPU and GPU tasks Maximum efficiency with low memory fragmentation, reduced integration time and cost, reduced support burden


Optimized power-saving GPU micro-architecture and system-level power management for both GPU and CPU Advanced tile-based deferred rendering and local buffering of intermediate pixel states Efficient alpha blending of multiple layers in hardware Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) using rotated grid multi sampling Integrated MMU based on standard Arm MMU Fully autonomous GPU Fully optimized production quality software drivers

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