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The micro-controllers, graphic processor’s, digital signal processors are all under the processor family. VisualSim has processor generators and over 100 processors families available. Each can be customized for pipelines, execution units and caches or selected from a pre-available list according to the application. A processor may refer to hardware, software or the system. The processor models are used in VisualSim for three purposes- generate traffic for interfaces, dma and memory; impact on latency from cache-memory hierarchy and delays due to different profiles of instructions.

A processor is an integrated electronic circuit that performs the calculations that run a computer. The instruction profiler processor performs arithmetical, logical, input/output (I/O) and other basic instructions that are passed from an operating system (OS). Most other processes are dependent on the operations of a processor. Thus, the efficient working of a processor is very important. For example, a high-end mobile phone would need a fast processor core for the SoC due to the low latency requirement while a Radar application would require a high-bandwidth processor due the large video transfer requirement. In VisualSim Architect, you can analyze theprocessor core parameters before development or experiment with different processor before selecting one for your embedded requirements. Each custom made block gives the desired flexibility to process high speed processors to the system designer.

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