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The DesignWare® ARC® HS Development Kit is a ready-to-use platform for rapid software development on the ARC HS3x family of processors. It supports single- and multi-core ARC HS34, HS36 and HS38 processors and offers a wide range of interfaces including Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, SDIO, I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, ADC, PWM and GPIO. A Vivante GPU is also contained in the ARC Development System SoC. This allows developers to build and debug complex software on a comprehensive hardware platform.

The kit is supported with an extensive range of open source software from bare metal drivers and RTOSes to complete Linux distributions. The Linux distributions can be built with Buildroot and Yocto. The embARC Open Software Platform (OSP) supports the ARC HS Development Kit and includes drivers, FreeRTOS and middleware targeted at IoT and general embedded applications. Toolchain support is provided by the GNU Toolchain for ARC Processors and the MetaWare Development Toolkit. All the open source software is available from the embARC.org web site. The MetaWare Development Toolkit is a commercial tool available from Synopsys.

Go to the Platforms page on the embarc website for more information.

For debugging and trace, JTAG debug probes can be connected via one of the two debug headers. It is also possible to use a standard USB cable for debugging. In addition, ARC Real-Time Trace (RTT) is supported.


  • Supports all ARC HS3x processors with one platform
  • Can be used for software development targeting the ARC HS4x processors
  • Single-, dual- and quad-core configurations
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000, USB 2.0
  • WiFi/Bluetooth module with worldwide regulatory compliance (FCC, IC, CE, ETSI, TELEC)
  • Free software includes U-Boot bootloader, ARC Linux and embARC Open Software Platform (OSP)
  • Comprehensive debugging with JTAG debug and real-time trace support
  • Customize with Arduino, Pmod (x3), and mikroBUS connectors
  • Extend with HapsTrak3 extension connectors with fast AXI tunnel for system prototyping

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