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With the acquisition of NDS Corporation, Brite Semiconductor has accumulated many important mature IPs and know-hows that are used to construct a NAND flash basedstorage controller. This includes an eMMCflash controller, SATA/PCIe SSD controller, and USB3.0/USB2.0 flash controller. The storage platform solutions offered by Brite are not only demonstrated in SMIC 0.13um, 0.11um and 65nm process nodes but also being developed for SMIC 28nm HKMG process. Brite Semiconductor offers a full range of services in a storage controller design which includes (1) co-defining the system specification (2) defining the ASIC architecture/micro-architecture (3) providing the guidelines on the Brite IP or third party IP selection/procurement (4) IP customization (5) RTL/SoC design and verification (6) place and route (7) packaging, testing and logistics. The business model can be as flexible as meeting customer s exclusive requirements. With the readiness of the reference platforms, the time-to-market can be dramatically shortened to develop a customer storage SOC.


  • Flexible CPU solution: ARM Cortex M-series microprocessors or in-house 32bit RISC processor
  • Host interfaces: Brite Semiconductor provide IPs to support the diversified host interfaces, such as SATA Gen3, 2, 1; USB3.1, 3.0; PCIe 3, 2, 1; eMMC5.1, SD3.0, PATA
  • Flash interfaces: Support ONFI3.2, toggle 2.0, BCH ECC correction up to 71bits per 1Kbyte block data, Support Latest 3x, 2xnm, 1xnm MLC/TLC Flash
  • High performance: The platform has the ability to sustain highest throughput from flash channels
  • Low power: The low power saving modes, suspend and sleep modes, are extensively supported to save both dynamic and static power. Power gating, clock gating and DVFS are supported.
  • Security: IEEE 1619 full disk encryption standard is supported
  • Debug: Support standard JTAG based ICE debug system

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