D&R announces the opening of a FPGA Market Place and IP shop dedicated to FPGA IP and SoC


Asic technology has become a worldwide niche ( few design starts, less and less accessible) whereas FPGA devices capabilities have increased drastically over the last decade .These devices can host complex and sophisticated SoC with excellent performance and in addition offer friendly design ecosystems

A new innovative design from an IP provider ( often a small company) commonly targets first FPGA and this creates a large IP provider community around FPGA . In other words most of design innovation is first tested on FPGA . Nevertheless those innovative providers may have a hard time to get the ROI they deserve and deploy enough resources to put in place a worldwide efficient marketing sales /channel

For the consumers the offerings is worldwide spread and even if the FPGA vendors maintain an accurate list of 3PIP providers , it may be difficult to estimate IP quality ,compare and select a solution ,engage and establish a fast and efficient sales contact . In addition the largest market may now be in Asia and this does not facilitate the communication process.

For FPGA vendors such an initiative may create a live ecosystem around programmable technologies, stimulate innovation, emphasize their Alliance programs with an efficient purchase access

What does D&R offer when opening an FPGA IP Market Place including Purchase capabilities

D&R FPGA IP Market Place centralizing worldwide offerings will offer advanced features such as

  • Qualifying (rating) IP to assist the IP selection as this is a continuous market demand
  • Offering to interested visitors a continuous flow from” interest” to NDA signature to access confidential data , to Eval copy and actual purchase
  • Organizing secure worldwide delivery either through a buffer in the ecommerce site or directly from the provider ftp server
  • Providing an advanced CRM infrastructure that providers may lack ( tracking Client status ,tracking delivery ,sending reminder to close a beta period )
  • Providing Financial terms advices and promoting royalty/shipment based royalty as the number of shipped devices can ab large and this will solve the ROI issue for FPGA IP provider . this will be feasible with the brand and commitment of D&R FPGA ecosystem .
  • Providing payment fee follow up ( reminder ,customer and payment tracing) which will be suitable when using shipment based royalty Clauses.

This panel will give all details about D&R plan: how it will work, how to be part of his initiative. Join us for a brainstorming .. to reach the best FPGA IP initiative

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