Arm Cores Target AI-powered Future

Plans to be in all 1 trillion IoT devices by 2035

Sally Ward-Foxton EEtimes, May. 29, 2017 – 

CAMBRIDGE, UK - Arm plc Monday (May 29) announced its two new application processor cores, the high-end Cortex-A75 and the mid-range Cortex-A55, as part of an ambitious goal to accelerate AI adoption and get an Arm processor core into every IoT device by 2035.

The Cortex-A75 offers performance increases versus previous generations, while the Cortex-A55 delivers both performance and efficiency increases. Both cores come with a level of configurability which makes them suitable for all the Cortex-A family's markets, in contrast to previous cores which have been optimized for specific applications (for example, the A73 for mobile applications or the A72 for servers).

Both cores are based on Arm's brand new DynamIQ technology, which the company is heralding as a way to redefine multi-core processing.

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