Collaborative Linux development project picks Renesas R-car as reference platform

Linux as operating system for cars seems an obvious choice: It is open, versatile and robust - all features that could make it the operating system of choice for the car. To forward this idea, the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project is working on establishing Linux in automotive environments. The project now has chosen a reference platform for the group's software development - the R-Car starter kit from Renesas.

By Christoph Hammerschmidt eeNewsautomotive, Jun. 01, 2017 – 

The move will facilitate the development of IVI application software (In-Vehicle Infotainment) for next-generation networked vehicles. The R-Car Starter Kit supports the unified codebase (UCB) 3.0 released by the AGL consortium in January 2017. The R-Car Starter Kit supports the current 64-bit software development environment, which, unlike the previous 32-bit environment, enables seamless use of current IT solutions, such as container technology for automotive applications. Containers are a particular type of virtualization technology. They are embedded in systems where they are combined with the execution environment required for the application. This technique has attracted great attention in the IT industry in recent years, as it can significantly reduce the software management costs.

In addition, as of July 2017, two expansion boards will be available from a Renesas partner company, which can be used with the R-Car Starter Kit for IVI development. The standard model of the expansion board supports multiple displays and a wide range of network interfaces. The advanced model offers interfaces that can be extended to up to eight camera input channels, as well as a high-speed, high-capacity memory.

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