Innosilicon Announces the World most efficient LTC Miner A4+, 550Mh, 750W

Sept. 06, 2017 – Innosilicon world class R & D team just updated our A4 model, launching the exciting new generation of globally leading miner in power and energy efficiency, the A4+ miner. As a prototype without much optimization, A4+ can already reach 550Mhs, at 750W. The prototype video is as below. A4+ and its subsequent series will be sure to lead the future market, as the powerful weapon of LTC miners.

We will upgrade your preordered A4 LTC miners to A4 + LTC miners or future upgraded products. The remaining payment will depend on the final spec of the miner before Oct 7th. You will be notified for the remaining payment before delivery. For example, you preordered A4 280Mhs miner totally N dollars, as we upgraded to A4+ with 550Mhs, your total payment will be (550/280)*N dollars. Your deposit will count towards the total payment.

Subsequent manufacturing updates will be released in time. Future pre-order please still follow the A4 pre-order scheme by clicking the pre-order button below. The estimated delivery time starts from mid Nov to mid Dec based on payment sequence.

Special Notes:

  1. If customers preorder A4 LTC miners on our official pre-order page, customers' agreement with Innosilicon above policy is de faulted.
  2. Order cancellation and refund request are not accepted for this batch. Buyer's discretion is advised.
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