Fabs Meet Machine Learning

Aki Fujimura, chief executive of D2S, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to discuss Moore's Law and photomask technology. Fujimura also explained how artificial intelligence and machine learning are impacting the IC industry. What follows are excerpts of that conversation.

Jul. 19, 2018 – 

SE: For some time, you've said we need more compute power. So we need faster chips at advanced nodes, but cost and complexity are skyrocketing. What's the state of Moore's Law?

Fujimura: Moore's Law is definitely slowing down, but I'm confident there will be continued innovation everywhere to keep it going for a while. There's a lot that every discipline of the eco-system is working on to make incremental and breakthrough improvements. For example, I know DFM has been around forever, but I can see that there's a lot more that can be done. Regardless, there's no question there is a need for more compute power. There was some talk of how we can use more compute power perhaps 10 years ago. There's no more talk about that now.

SE: Clearly, the industry is changing, right?

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