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USB Type-C Controller Targets Fast Charging of Portables in Vehicles

This automotive-qualified part simplifies the design of in-vehicle charging ports by minimizing the need for external components.

electronicdesign.com, Jan. 10, 2019 – 

Carmakers are basing their in-vehicle infotainment designs on drivers and passengers connecting their smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics. And one important goal in that endeavor is to offer the convenience to quickly charge these devices without compatibility issues.

Cypress Semiconductor's EZ-PD CCG3PA is a USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) controller targeting fast charging of portable electronics in vehicles. The controller is designed to deliver a plug-and-play user experience to automotive charging ports by providing support for the USB PD 3.0 standard with a programmable power supply (PPS), Qualcomm's Quick Charge (QC) 4.0+ protocol, and legacy charging standards.

By way of review, the USB PD standard enables the power delivery of USB power up to 100 W, sufficient to drive large devices such as laptops. USB PD 3.0 also offers increased amounts of information about the device being charged and its power/ battery. The specification makes it possible to simultaneously power multiple devices, eliminating the need for a dedicated ac adapter for each device.

Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4+ chargers enable devices to be charged without Quick Charge technology or the Snapdragon architecture inside them. This is possible because Quick Charge 4+ supports USB PD as its primary communication protocol.

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