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How connected technology can help solve the supply chain challenges

iot.eetimes.com, May. 07, 2019 – 

In a recent post on our sister site, EBNonline, guest author Dheeraj Kohli , Vice President & Global Head of Travel & Transportation, Unisys, wrote a fascinating article about some of the many ways in which connected technology can help solve the supply chain challenges of data duplication, legibility, predictability and visibility.

As Kohli explains, modern technological solutions can bring different actions, data and players of a supply chain into a more universal information layer. This, in turn, makes it easier to find details about shippers, shipments and their locations, and relevant documents. And, of course, this scenario applies whether the product travels by air, ground, or sea

For those in the business, the obvious solution that jumps out here is blockchain technology. It builds the data – including customs documents and the bills of lading – as the supply chain progresses, thereby eliminating the actual, physical paper trail in favor of a centralized data point.

What's more, permissions-based blockchain can allow users to decide who in the supply chain is able to view what data. The supply chain becomes much faster and more efficient as a result.

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