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Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC
Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC devices provide 64-bit processor scalability while combining real-time control with soft and hard engines for graphics, video, waveform, and packet processing. Built on a common...

aacPlus / HE-AAC decoder suite including multi-channel for Mediap player, DVB, ISDB, DAB, DMB, DRM and Adobe Flash implementation
This codec is also known as HE AAC, eAAC+ and Dolby includes this codec in its Dolby Pulse offering. The decoder is widely used, with broadcast standards such as DVB-H, DVB-SH (ETSI TS 102 005), ISDB-...

Anti-counterfeiting security core
The CryptoFirewall Verifier core is a hardware-based security block that provides secure authentication and reduces counterfeiting business risk for mass-market consumables and peripherals. The Crypto...

Caskeid Audio IP Platform
This Audio IP Platform is a collection of hardware and software technologies that enables the world most accurately synchronized wireless multiroom and multi-channel audio experience. It uses ultimate wireless connectivity technology, enabling wireless speakers and audio systems including docks, smart-devices, radios and servers to work seamlessly and robustly in unison.

Caskeid synchronised wireless multiroom audio
Caskeid is the world s most accurately synchronised wireless multiroom connected audio streaming technology. Caskeid enables any compatible audio device to stream music to Caskeid-enabled audio com...

CLP-630: Multi-Packet Manager Security Engine
The Multi-Packet Manager is a highly programmable and unique Security Protocol Accelerator specifically designed to efficiently process data for high capacity wireless and network applications. The en...

Connected Processor IP platform
It combines MIPS processor, Ensigma connectivity and FlowCloud platform to deliver a new class of embedded Connected Processor solutions that will power the Iernet Everywhere generation of consumer electronics.

Content security core
The CryptoFirewall Transport Core is a separate, on-chip, hardware-based security block that secures digital entertainment content by protecting cryptographic keys and computations from attack. Availa...

CryptoManager Platform
This platform provides chip and device companies with an advanced hardware root-of-trust for their SoCs, as well as an Infrastructure Suite for end-to-end security throughout the SoC design and manufacturing process.

CryptoManager Security Platform
From chip management to device personalization to downstream feature provisioning, the CryptoManager security platform creates a trusted path from the SoC manufacturing supply chain to downstream service providers with a complete silicon-to-cloud security solution.

CryptoMedia Security Platform
Designed to protect high-value content, including 4K UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) programming, CryptoMedia Security Platform is a comprehensive suite of components that enables consumers to securely and easily store, copy and share premium content across multiple devices.

Customizable Power Management Platform
This silicon proven, customizable integrated power management subsystem provides a cost-effective single-chip solution for power management. Typical target applications include portable low-power consumer products or any application, with a need to control diverse power domains.

DesignWare ARC Audio Dolby MS11 Decoder
DesignWare ARC Audio Dolby MS11 Multistream decoder software for the DesignWare ARC Sound AS211SFX and AS221BD audio processors enables decoding of audio formats required for worldwide and specific lo...

DesignWare ARC HS38 Processor
The DesignWare ARC HS38 processor is a member of the high-speed 32-bit HS Processor Family and is optimized for use in high-performance embedded applications running Linux. The processor has a full-fe...

DesignWare ARC SEM Security Processors
The DesignWare® ARC® SEM Family includes performance-efficient, ultra-low power, compact security processors that enable designers to integrate security into their SoC to protect against logical, hardware and physical attacks.

DesignWare EV6x Embedded Vision Processors
EV6x Family with vision CPUs and CNN engine delivers high-performance processing for automotive, surveillance and virtual reality applications.

DesignWare Sensor IP Subsystem
The DesignWare Sensor IP Subsystem is optimized to process data from digital and analog sensors, offloading the host processor and enabling more power efficient processing of the sensor data. The full...

DesignWare tRoot Hardware Secure Modules
DesignWare® tRoot Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs) with Root of Trust enable connected devices to securely and uniquely identify and authenticate themselves to create secure channels for remote device management and service deployment.

DesignWare tRoot Secure Hardware Root of Trust
Highly secure hardware root of trust that enables connected devices to securely and uniquely identify and authenticate themselves to create secure channels for remote device management and service deployment.

Digital Plus to Dolby Digital Converter for DTV, STB, IPTV, BD and ATSC applications
This Dolby product converts the Dolby Digital Plus format into Dolby Digital. Dolby Digital Plus has been adopted as an optional codec in Blu-ray and is used in the ATSC A/52B and OpenCable television...

Dolby Digital (AC-3) Decoder for DVD, BD, ATSC, STB, DTV and IPTV applications
The Dolby Digital codec, also known as AC-3, is a widely adopted standard for coding multi-channel content. The DVD and Blu-ray disc standards adopt this codec. Set top boxes or digital TVs need this ...

Dolby Digital (AC3) Encoder for high-quality SPDIF or HDMI compressed output
The Dolby Digital codec, also known as AC-3, is a widely adopted standard for coding multi-channel content. The DVD and Blu-ray disc standards adopt this codec. Set top boxes or digital TVs need this ...

Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3) Decoder for Blu-ray, ATSC, HDMI and OpenCable applications
This Dolby codec is an enhancement over the Dolby Digital format. It s been adopted as an optional codec in Blu-ray and is used in the ATSC A/52B and OpenCable television broadcast standards. The HDMI...

Ellipsys-SB: Secure Boot
Ellipsys-SB is part of the Ellipsys Trust Framework which is Elliptic s solution to help device manufactures and system providers protect their product from tampering, cloning, and other threats. T...

Ensigma Crypto-DMA Engine
It is a high performance DMA engine with crypto blocks to off-load crypto engine processing. It is used within various IP cores and susbsystems with a protocol processor (software) to realize several security protocols.

Ensigma Explorer RPU
Ensigma Explorer Radio Processing Units (RPU) high performance communications platform enables the ultimate performance and flexibility for integrating communications into today highly complex SOC without compromise on power consumption or specification.

Ensigma High-Performance IEEE 802.1AE (MACSec) Processing Engine
The Ensigma MACSec engine implements the complete MACSec data plane functionality, and is part of the Ensigma networking IP portfolio.

Ensigma Security (IPSec) Protocol Processing Engine
The high performance engine can process multiple gigabits of traffic with short IP packets (40 byte). Ensigma IPSec provides DMA type of interface for programming pointers to the security association data, packet pointers.

Ensigma Unified Security Engine (UNISec)
The Ensigma Unified Security Processor (USecP) combines the IPSec, MACSec and DTLS engines into a single unified multi-protocol processing engine supporting eight 1Gbps ports or one 10Gbps port.

Ensigma Whisper RPU
It is a highly flexible platform for low-power wireless standards such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.15.4. Specifically designed to meet the communications requirements for the emerging low-power consumption markets such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables, Whisper Series5 implements all of the connectivity requirements of tomorrow complex low-power SoCs.

FLAC Decoder for Lossless Highest-Quality Audio
FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. This is similar to how Zip works. With ...

G.726 Encoder and Decoder for speech applications
The ITU has standardized this codec that uses ADPCM compression and is mostly used to record and transmit voice data. Typical applications can be: audio record for camcorder use cases or a voice recor...

GSM AMR NB Encoder and Decoder for mobile telephony and speech applications
The GSM Adaptive Multi-Rate Narrow Band (AMR or AMR NB) speech codec is used in the GSM and UMTS mobile telephony systems. It was adopted as a standard speech codec by the 3GPP organization. The forma...

GSM AMR WB / GSM-EFR / G.722.2 Encoder and Decoder for wideband speech applications
The GSM Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR WB) speech codec is used in the UMTS and CDMA2000 and 3GPP mobile telephony systems. The codec supports wideband speech with a 16kHz sampling frequency result...

GSM AMR WB+ Decoder for wideband speech in mobile telephony and broadcast applications
The Extended Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR WB+) speech codec extends GSM AMR WB to support stereo signals and higher sampling frequencies. The codec also uses transform coding to increase the audi...

HM5065 5 Megapixel SOC
The HM5065 is a high performance 5.0MP System-On-Chip camera solution that delivers brilliant image quality and advanced camera features in a compact 1/4" format for next-generation mobile imag...

I-Class I6500 Multiprocessor Core

The MIPS I6500 multiprocessor core is the latest IP core in Imagination?s MIPS CPU product line, extending the variety and scalability of ?off-the-shelf? licensable cores based on the proven and re...

LC SBC Encoder and Decoder for Bluetooth high quality audio applications
The LC SBC codec is targeted at Bluetooth applications, and is the only mandatory codec for applications that implement the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). The codec enables low-latency, C...

Low-power unified CPU/DSP processor based on a multi-threaded architecture
Imagination Technologies META HTP processor core is a low-power unified CPU/DSP processor based on a multi-threaded architecture that enables developers to use a single core to replace multiple CPU a...

LTE Security Protocol Accelerator
The DesignWare LTE Security Protocol Accelerator targets 3G and 4G wireless broadband 3GPP/LTE technologies. The high-performance and configurable DesignWare LTE Security Protocol Accelerator can be tailored to address the complex security requirements of mobile networks, platforms and devices, while minimizing costs.

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