Andes Technology Corporation is located at SiSoft Research Center in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. We devote ourselves in developing high-performance/low-power 32-bit processors and its associated SoC platforms to serve the rapidly growing embedded system applications worldwide.    
12 Solutions

AndesCore D10
The D1088 is a 5-stage pipeline integer processor with integrated DSP offering 130 DSP SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) instructions. Targeting the real time processing requirements of power-c...

AndesCore D15/D15F
D15/D15F are the first dual-issue superscalar AndesCore™ processors. Both processors feature over 130 compiler friendly, general purpose DSP and SIMD instructions that enable easy DSP algorithm ...

AndesCore E8
The new Andes Technology E8 CPU processor core targets Internet of Things (IoT) applications with the unique Andes Custom Extension (ACE) on a power-efficient compact embedded controller.

AndesCore N10
The mid-range Andes Technology N10 processor is ideal for applications ranging from consumer media players and smart glasses all the way to touch panel processing, motor control, and power management....

AndesCore N13
The Andes Technology N13 processor is a high performance CPU core architected for computation intensive applications running either on operating systems or as bare metal. The N13 is designed to serve the demanding requirements of application processors in SoCs for consumer electronics such as HDTVs, home media servers, cable and over-the-top set top boxes, as well as SoCs for the switches and routers delivering content to these devices.

AndesCore N15/N15F
N15/N15F are dual-issue superscalar AndesCore™ processors capable of delivering performance at 5.41 CoreMark/MHz, the highest among the same level products in the industry. N15/N15F comes with a...

AndesCore N25
AndesCore™ N25 is a 32-bit CPU IP core based on AndeStar™ V5m Instruction Set Architecture, which support RISC-V RV32IMAC extensions from the latest developments in computer architecture a...

AndesCore N7
The AndesCore N7, a family of small cores serves applications including embedded processing devices that require low energy consumption, such as controllers for touch screen, storage, hand-held devices, sensors, and for network connectivity applications like loT (Internet-of-Things).

AndesCore N8
The AndesCore N8 with its 3-stage pipeline design boosts the execution efficiency of today s computation algorithms, reduces memory usage, lowers customers silicon cost, while providing a long-term roadmap for customers needing an upgrade path from 8-bit cores.

AndesCore N9
The AndesCore N9 Family is intended for deeply embedded applications that require optimal interrupt response features, including wireless networking and sensors, microcontrollers, automotive electronics, and industrial control systems. The low-power N9 Family of processors features low gate count, low interrupt latency, and low-cost debug. The processor family provides superior performance and excellent interrupt handling response while meeting the challenges of low dynamic and static power constraints.

AndesCore NX25
NX25 is a 64-bit CPU IP core for applications with memory usage greater than 4G bytes, which is the bound of 32-bit processors. NX25 let high performance computing with very little silicon footprint achievable by its AndeStar® V5m Instruction Set Architecture.

AndesCore S8
The Andes Technology S8 processor is a new CPU core architecture based on the compute engine in the N8 core, but with added functionality to address security from hacking.


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