The Athena Group, Inc. of Gainesville, Florida licenses high-performance signal processing technology that delivers breakthrough performance, reduced area, and lower power consumption in a broad range of SoC products. Athena s proprietary arithmetic technology powers leading edge applications such as Suite B cryptography, secure e-commerce, wireless communications, video compression, and security. In addition to high value application level solutions, Athena also supplies a full line of signal processing accelerator functions suitable for SoC integration.   
4 Solutions

EC Ultra Elliptic Curve Cryptography Microprocessor
TeraFire EC Ultra IP cores accelerate EC point multiplies and ECDSA signs and verifies over NIST P-curves. Configurations can include as many P-curves as needed or can eliminate unnecessary curves to save system resources.

F5200 Embedded Cryptography Microprocessor
An embedded cryptography microprocessor core, a fast, efficient microprocessor designed for public key and secret key cryptography applications. With an area footprint starting at 25K gates and nearly 300 RSA-1024 private key operations per second, the F5200 provides more than 10X greater performance than competitive solutions with similar area.

TeraFire 5200 Series 32-bit Cryptography Microprocessor
From the market leader in high performance public key cryptography cores comes the 5200 series, a fast and efficient public key cryptography solution with multiple size and performance options that can be matched to the requirements of your application.

TeraFire 6400 Series 64-bit Cryptography Microprocessor
The TeraFire 6400 series delivers over five times faster processing of RSA-2048 operations than the 5200 series architecture, while maintaining 100% code compatibility and 100% functional compatibility across the entire TeraFire® cryptography microprocessor family.


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