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BA20 PipelineZero Embedded Processor
Ultra-Low Power Processor, ideal for energy-sensitive deeply embedded applications such as wearable electronics, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, wireless communication, and other mixed-signal ICs.

BA21 Low-Power Embedded Processor
Designed for deeply-embedded systems or as an auxiliary processor in larger systems, Beyond BA21 Low-Power Embedded Processor (BA21) delivers better performance than most processors of its size while ...

Beyond BA22-AP Basic Application Processor
Highly configurable Beyond BA22-AP Basic Application Processor, engineered for running embedded system applications, is extremely lucrative alternative to existing solutions in terms of high performan...

Beyond BA25 Advanced Application Processor
Beyond BA25 Advanced Application Processor (BA25), more powerful member of BA2x Family of 32-bit Processor IP Cores, is designed to fulfill the requirements of demanding embedded applications and is s...

Geon Secure Execution Processor
Geon Secure Execution Processor delivers secure code execution by supporting two secure contexts. All code and data belonging to a secure context is cryptographically isolated in main memory, so even ...

Highest code density, Low Power 32-bit Processor with optional DSP
The Beyond BA22 32-bit processor offers the highest code density of any processor in its class, reducing die size and memory requirements. In addition, the BA22 was designed to minimize code size, gat...


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