CAST provides practical, affordable intellectual property (IP) products and services for the electronic product development process, with a focus on popular 8- and 16-bit microprocessors, microcontrollers, peripheral controllers and serial communications cores.

CASTs products includes:

  • IP Cores - optimized synthesizable cores developed in VHDL and Verilog for FPGA and ASIC designs. Available cores include UARTs, DMA controllers, interrupt controllers, bus interfaces, microcontrollers, and processors.
  • Standard Component VHDL Library - Synthesizable (SCVL-S) consisting of over 600 VHDL synthesizable models of generic and TTL functions. Developed for new FPGA designs, and for conversion of older TTL circuits into FPGAs.
  • Pre-packaged libraries feature Standard Component VHDL Library (SCVL) series. Developed for system and device designers, SCVL includes simulation models for 4,000 memory devices and 2,800 standard ECL and TTL devices.
  • V-Custom Models - VHDL simulation models for processors, complex functions, and specialized devices. Featuring in-stock models such as the Pentium processor and a variety of peripherals.
15 Solutions

A825-CAN ARINC 825 Avionics CAN Controller
Implements a CAN 2.0 bus controller and provides an application layer that conforms to the ARINC 825 Avionics bus specification.

AXI Peripherals Platform for BA2x Processors
It serves as a basic platform for the rapid development of a variety of system-on-chip (SoC) applications.The platform is well suited to a variety of BA2x-based SoC designs. It includes an AXI interconnect supporting up to four Masters and eight slaves, and a bridge to the slower APB peripherals bus.

BA21 - 32-bit Low-Power Embedded Processor
Implements a 32-bit low-power RISC processor that delivers better performance than most processors of its size. Designed for deeply-embedded systems or as an auxiliary processor in larger systems, it ...

Camera Front-End Processor Core
The CAMFE Core implements a flexible, resource-efficient camera front-end processor that receives raw pixel data from a CMOS or CCD sensor and outputs a video stream ready for display, further processing, or compression.

CAN 2.0 & CAN FD Bus Controller Core
Implements a CAN protocol bus controller that performs serial communication according to CAN 2.0, and CAN FD specifications.

CAST Geon Secure Execution Processor for IoT
The Geon™ Secure Execution Processor is a low-power, 32-bit processor IP core with built-in protection of sensitive code and data. It uses two or more cryptographically separated execution contexts for a high degree of security during code execution and for data storage and transfer to and from the processor.

H.264 Encoding Application Platform System
This H.264 Application Platform System integrates multiple IP cores with memory and software on a system prototyping board to enable off-the-shelf execution and evaluation of high-definition video compression.

H.264, High 10 Intra Profile Encoder Core
The H264-E-HIS IP core is a video encoder compliant to the High 10 Intra profile of the ISO/IEC 14496-10/ITU-T H.264 standard. The encoder core has a small silicon footprint-approximately 120K gates a...

IEEE 802.1AS Hardware Protocol Stack
The IEEE802_1AS is a complete IEEE 802.1AS hardware stack that enables the simple and rapid development of time-aware nodes for AVB/TSN networks such as automotive Ethernet.

Low-Power, Low-Latency HDR/WDR Image Processor Core
The WDR core implements an efficient, flexible, low-power and low-latency High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) image processor that produces clear and sharp images under any lighting conditions.

MIL-STD-1553 Bus Controller, Remote Terminal, and Monitor Terminal Core
The 1553-BC/RT/MT IP core implements a serial link controller enabling the development of Bus Controllers (BC), Remote Terminals (RT), and Monitor Terminals (MT) compliant with the Department of Defense MIL-STD-1553B standard.

Motion JPEG Over IP : HD Video Encoder Subsystem
This Video Over IP Subsystem employs JPEG compression and RTP/UDP/IP encapsulation to enable the rapid development of complete motion JPEG video streaming products. Hardware reference designs and customization services complete the solution.

Multichannel ARINC 429 Receiver/Transmitter
The A429-RxTx IP core is a multichannel transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) compliant to the ARINC 429 standard.

Platform IP for BA22-Based Systems
The platform provides the essential IP cores and infrastructure software needed for systems using processors in the BA2x family. Ready for software development out of the box but also easy to customize and extend, it serves as a basic platform for the rapid development of a variety of system-on-chip (SoC) applications.

SENT/SAE J2716 Controller Core
The CSENT core implements a controller for the Single Edge Nibble Transmission (SENT) protocol.


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