Esencia Technologies is a leading provider of reusable standards based IP solutions as well as high quality and reliable design services in ASIC, FPGA, and Software. ASIC/FPGA Services Esencia Technologies Inc. offers state of the art design services in ASIC, and Embedded Systems. We have expertise in Logic Design & Verification, Design for Testability (DFT), Physical Design & Verification, full TurnkeyDesign, and FPGA Design in the areas of Video Imaging, Communications, DSP Development, and Software/Firmware development.   
5 Solutions

AES Core
The es4001 AES core implements the Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael Algorithm FIPS 197) encoder and decoder.

ARC4 core
ES1020 core fully implements the ARC4 stream ciphering algorithm in hardware.

DES Core - Low-gate count Data Encryption Standard
ES1040 core implements Data Encryption Standard (DES) cipher algorithms in hardware.

MD5 Hashing Core
The es1005 hash fully implements the MD5 (Message Digest Algorithm RFC 1321).

SHA-1 Hashing Core
The SHA-1 core processes the input message in 512-bit blocks and produce message digest of 160-bit (for SHA-1).


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