Established in 2011, Floadia is a spin-out of experienced engineers who were developing embedded memory at Renesas Electronics Corporation for more than 20 years. The company licenses its intellectual property (IP), including manufacturing process and circuit designs, necessary for the embedded memory production. Floadia’s development team comprises not only circuit designers but also engineers with expertise in the manufacturing process. One of the company’s strengths is its ability to develop optimal memory IP according to customer’s specifications and manufacturing process. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to become more pervasive and as a key component of IoT products, memory is indispensable. Floadia’s low-cost, low-power-consumption memory can facilitate the mass deployment of IoT devices such as beacons and various sensors. It can also enhance the profitability of IoT business and contribute to the major expansion of the IoT market.    
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Simple Low Cost SONOS Flash. Available in affordable 90nm foundry process
LEE Flash G1 (G1) is based on simple SONOS architecture and capable to scale down to 40nm geometry and supports auto grade temperature and quality.


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