Ocean Logic Pty Ltd is a small company formed in 1996 to provide consultancy services in the area of digital design. Operations have been subsequently extended to the design of IP cores. The company has now a well established and successful IP core development program. Some of the cores available are outlined in the products section. Our soft cores have been shipped to many customers and have been included in current products. The know-how of the company includes direct experience of ASIC and FPGA design with the most modern tools as well as hardware implementation of complex algorithms from computer graphics to telecommunications.    
4 Solutions

DES Cryptoprocessor
This core is a fully compliant implementation of the DES encryption algorithm. Both encryption and decryption are supported. ECB, CBC and triple DES versions are available. Simple, fully synchronous d...

Discrete Cosine Transform OL_DCT
This core can perform the two dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and its inverse (IDCT) on an 8x8 block of samples. The simple, fully synchronous design allows for fast operation while mainta...

HDTV H.264/AVC Video Encoder with Compressed Frame Store
The OL_H264E-CFS core is a hardware implementation of the H.264 video compression algorithm. The core accepts up to the highest resolution HDTV video stream as input and outputs the encoded bitstream....

Multi-Channel HDTV H.264/AVC Limited Baseline Video Decoder
The OL_H264MCLD core is a hardware implementation of the H.264 baseline video compression algorithm. The core decodes a bitstream produced by the OLH264e encoder and produces a video stream up to the ...


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