Silex Insight is a micro-electronic design house. We serve as your ideal partner for IP, targeting security and video solutions in embedded system developments, ready for IoT and video everywhere. Silex Insight is also providing design services for complex ASIC, SoC, FPGA and electronic boards. Since its foundation we are involved in hundreds of FPGA, ASIC and SoC designs. Thanks to its strong relationship with Faraday since more than 15 years and several first time right designs, we can deliver competitive complex SoC solutions. This expertise of FPGA and ASIC design, helps us in better understanding the needs of our customers, when negotiating specifications and requirements. The highly qualified engineers for hard and software and a proven design methodology, enables Silex Insight to provide complex product development projects, with a commitment on budget and schedule.   
10 Solutions

BA452 secure connection IP core
The BA452 is a secure connection engine that can be used to off-load the compute intensive Public Key operations.

Chacha20-Poly1305 HP
Chacha20-Poly1305 high performance IP core for authenticated encryption.

eSecure : Single module for multiple security challenges
The eSecure IP is a complete standalone module that enables security applications by shielding the secret information from the non-secure application running on the main processor.

eSecure module for SoC security for IoT
Secure Boot | Firmware update in the field | Secure key storage | Cryptography algorithms off-loading

IPsec Engine
On OSI layer 3 (network layer), IPsec is the transport security protocol of choice. The BA454 is a very scalable engine implementing the IPsec standard for high throughput applications.

lightweight video compression codec
The VC-2 LD (Low Delay) codec is a lightweight video compression IP core with ultra-low latency,for ASIC/FPGA ready for UHD and 4K transport

SHA-3 hashing function
The BA418 is crypto engine IP core for SHA-3 hashing functions compliant to NISTS s FIPS 180-4 and FIPS 202 standards.

Silex Insight BA451 MACsec Engine
The BA451 is a very scalable engine implementing the MACsec standard for high throughput applications.

The VC-2 HQ (High Quality) codec is a lightweight video compression IP core with ultra-low latency.

Viper - OEM Board for 4K HDMI transport over IP
These boards are fully integrated boards that enable the development of ultra-low latency audio/video over IP products. The transmit and receive boards are productionready and reduce the cost of the system.


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