Zipcores design and sell IP Cores for implementation on all semiconductor devices. Founded in 2008, we are a team of experienced Engineers with a broad knowledge of digital hardware design spanning various fields. Our specific areas of expertise include Digital Video, DSP, Digital Modulation and High-speed interfaces. We offer a wide range of IP Cores for a variety of applications from basic building blocks to more complex systems.    
10 Solutions

2D Graphics Overlay Module
2D Graphics Overlay Module with modified functionality suited to more graphics intensive work. Supports fully alpha-blended bitmaps with 3-bits/pixel and a programmable palette of 8 colours.

Bilinear Video Scaler
Bilinear video scaler with the bilinear interpolation in the x and y dimensions in order to save area and reduce the number of multipliers and block RAMs.

BT656 Decoder with Colour-Space Converter
Converts a standard ITU-R BT.656 format stream to 24-bit RGB digital video. Generates pixels, syncs, flags and data valid for input to your video pipeline.

BT656 Encoder with Colour-Space Converter
Encodes a 24-bit RGB digital video signal into a standard ITU-R BT.656 format stream. Includes an integrated RGB to YCbCr colour-space converter.

Digital Video Overlay Module
Video overlay module permits multiple video streams to be multiplexed together to give a single video output. Supports any number of input video sources at any input resolution or aspect ratio.

Digital Video Scaler
Digital video up/down scaler accepts 24-bit RGB or YCbCr video and permits independent horizontal and vertical scaling to generate any desired resolution or aspect ratio.

Motion-adaptive Video Deinterlacer
Studio-quality video deinterlacer. Converts all interlaced digital video formats to high-res progressive versions.

Video Interlacer
Fully programmable video interlacer IP Core that converts all digital progressive video formats to interlaced equivalents.

Video Test Pattern Generator
Pattern generator for video testing and prototyping. Wide range of test patterns in colour, greyscale and monochrome. Test patterns are configurable, allowing for different width bars, squares and lin...

Video Timing Generator
Signal timing generator for high-resolution video and graphics applications. Module accepts RGB pixels and generates syncs, enable and blanking information.


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