intoPIX offers the most compact, flexible and advanced image and video compression solutions dedicated to Cinema, Broadcast, Production and Post, Pro-AV, Video Transmission and Storage applications ... intoPIX wide-range of silicon-proven compression IP-cores (JPEG2000, TICO,...) , crypto (AES encryption, RSA, SHA1) and other multimedia IP-cores for FPGA or ASIC are the ideal key to accelerate your time to market.    
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AES encryptor / AES decryptor - Symmetric Security Range
The family of IPX-AES IP-Cores provides an efficient FPGA implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Its flexibility allows the combination of several functions and operating modes for a very small FPGA footprint.

HMAC-SHA1 Authentication & Hashing function
IPX-HMAC-SHA-1 IP-Core is the hashing function required for the content integrity check and content identification as specified in DCI document v1.2. It is designed for Xilinx and Altera devices.

RSA Public Key Cryptography Exponentiation Accelerator
The modular exponentiation accelerator IPX-RSA is an efficient arithmetic coprocessor for the RSA public-key cryptosystem.

TICO compression
The new lightweight and disruptive video compression technology, Extremely tiny in ASIC & FPGA , Fast & Powerful in CPU

TICO Lightweight UHD/4K Decoder
TICO compression is visually lossless lightweight compression specifically designed for the industry.

TICO Lightweight UHD/4K Encoder
TICO compression is visually lossless lightweight compression specifically designed for the industry.

intoPIX has made significant intellectual property development in lightweight low latency video compression, from inventing and standardizing the world's smallest and fastest mezzanine compression technology TICO (SMPTE RDD35) supported by the TICO Alliance, to being the proponent and co-developer of creating the world first international ISO standard technology JPEG XS , addressing this matter.

Ultra High Definition 4K & 8K JPEG 2000 Encoders & Decoders IP-cores
JPEG 2000 for extreme resolutions and UltraHDTV


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